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Many Couples from all walks of life who are facing fertility struggles turn to surrogacy as a solution to starting their families. Dreaming of becoming a parent can be stressful. The mental, emotional, and financial struggles often associated with fertility solutions can become overwhelming.

We want you to know that making the decision to go through a surrogacy program with Samartha IVF is a comfortable, reliable solution to becoming a parent. Our team will walk the journey beside you, offering compassion, guidance, and support when you need it.

Why Choose a Surrogacy Program?

There are many reasons why our couples choose surrogacy as a solution to overcoming fertility struggles. Many of our couples have already undergone multiple (IVF) attempts or have experienced repeated miscarriages.

Others have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. No matter the reason. We want you to feel the same hope and confidence they felt when you welcome us to join you on your journey.

·       The Highest Quality Care and Service

·       Our Tension Free Surrogacy Programs

Samartha IVF Centre’s Surrogacy Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on providing Transparent and ethical services with best in class technology. The main objective of our center is to bring smiles on the faces of couples by providing specialized Fertility care and surrogacy services. We are known for our excellent patient satisfaction alongwith high success rates in surrogacy.

Our team at Samartha IVF Center are keen to serve the couples who are left with no other option than to prefer “Third Party Assisted Reproductive Technique” i.e. Surrogacy finally.

This could be for various reasons like;

·       Recurrent abortions

·       Frequent Miscarriages

·       Woman without a uterus

·       Cancer Patients

·       Uncontrolled Bleeding Patients

·       Malformed uterus

·       Failure in multiple IVF cycles for various reasons

·       Cardiac/Renal/Neuro patients

·       Single-living men opt for single parenthood


What is Surrogacy ?

Surrogacy is a process in which another woman known as a surrogate mother agrees to carry and give birth to a baby for the intended parents.

Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproduction where intended parents work with a gestational surrogate who will carry and care for their baby or Babies until birth.

Intended parents use surrogacy to start or grow their families when they can’t do so on their own as advised by their doctor.

It’s a process that requires medical and legal expertise, as well as a strong support process by the clinic and others throughout the journey.

Through the procedure of IVF, embryos are created in a lab at a fertility clinic. In these cases, at times the intended parents have to use their own genetic material. At times even an egg donor is required depending on the case. At the fertility clinic, 1-2 or more embryos are implanted into a gestational carrier, who carries the baby to term.

Please note Gestational carriers have no genetic relationship to the children they deliver.


How much does Surrogacy Cost?

Surrogacy costs can vary a lot, depending on whether or not you require a surrogate only, or a surrogate and an egg donor.

At Samartha, we’ve created fixed price programs to provide financial security to our intended parents. The costs can range in between Rs. 7 Lakhs to Rs. 12 Lakhs depending on the facilities acquired.

With One stop solutions we provide, you need not have to go anywhere for completing all the formalities. With our legal team, we ensure that all the procedures are strictly conducted as per Government of India norms.

Why Samartha Surrogacy ?

Finding out the best surrogacy centre in Mumbai is not exactly an easy task. With multiple options available, it becomes very important that each features must be analysed thoroughly and a decision must be taken. The surrogacy treatment demands thorough efforts and research. The Due Diligence must be conducted as a minor mistake can spoil all the effort. Here are the best qualities that make us the most trusted surrogacy hospital

·       Our clinic uses modern technology and equipment for performing the treatment.

·       Our finest amenities make you can feel the best treatment experience

·       Stress Free and Comfortable environment ensures that you are supported all throughout.

·       The Surrogates are well counselled and procedures explained to understand the surrogacy process. They are well taken care of with a large contribution total cost package is spent on them on their Fee, Accommodation, Food, and Medications.

·       Our specialists have extensive experience in surrogacy treatment effective results.

·       Strong database of the healthiest surrogates so you can select a suitable option for you.

·       Couple well informed through their treatment cycle and transparent billing.

·       Our doctors participate in various local and international education programs to keep themselves updated with the latest science and medical developments aimed at improving our surrogacy success rates.

How long does the Process take?

A typical surrogacy journey can take anywhere from 15-22 months. This starts from the moment you sign on the agreements until you’re holding your baby in your arms.

For More details, Request you to arrange for a call back from the centre or you can reach us at +91-9768884433 or you can mail us at

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