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The website is owned and operated solely by Samartha IVF Center, India. Please read these mentioned terms and conditions cautiously before using our site. By assessing this site, you automatically agree to all of these terms and conditions of use. If you are unwilling to be bound by these terms and conditions, then you may not ingress or use any content or materials available on this website. Samartha IVF Center reserves all the rights to revise or amend these terms at any point of time without prior or any notice. And the same changes shall be made effective immediately upon mentioning of the altered terms of use. If you still access our website after all the modifications perused on the website, it means that you are accepting those changes voluntarily.

All the content, data and material prepared, published and maintained on this website are for general information only. No effort is attempted to approach new engagements or customers from the existing ones by the medium of this website.


Materials and Content usage on this website


Samartha IVF Center enables this website and maintains the same for your personal knowledge, education and communication. You are allowed to access our site freely. All materials available here including pictures, graphics, clips (audio and video), texts and trademarks (but not limited to), owned solely by Samartha IVF Center or its licensors.


You are allowed to use, copy, replicate or even distribute content and material from this website provided that-

1. The article or that particular portion should be reused completely in its original form. You will not be allowed to edit or change anything about the content, or even delete or alter its specific rights including trademark. Copyright or any other proprietary notices.

2. All copies of the reproduced content should hold a statement that the used content was copied or reproduced from this website with consent of the same.

3.The copies to be distributed are only shared for non commercial public or educational policy purposes. If you abide by all these terms and conditions, then only Samartha IVF Center accords you a non-transferable license to access the site materials you desire to pursue.

4. Apart from the above mentioned terms, you may not be permitted to copy, alter, share, display, make derivatives of, republish and repost or if you are still willing to use our site’s content without pre-written authorization from Samartha IVF Center, you can request such permission by contacting the address mentioned on the website. In no case, the Samartha Hospital’s trademark, any video or audio elements, pictures or symbols can be replicated separately from the textual content linked with the same on the site.

5. Using the site’s content or materials for any other purposes or modification of the same is a strict violation of Samartha IVF Center’s copyright and other rights. Except for the terms mentioned in this policy, no right implied, is accorded to any specific individual under any intellectual property right.

6. In order to use the site’s content and materials as mentioned above, if you download software, including any type of files be it images, video and audio clips, subsumed in or initiated by the software, and all the data that accompanies the software is typically licensed to you by Samartha IVF Center. By letting you download the software, Samartha IVF Center does not transfer the title to you. You can own the medium on which the software is recorded but not the title. Samartha IVF Center  retains full title and also all the intellectual property rights. Still, you do not hold the right to redistribute, disassemble, sell, rent or change it to a human-apprehensible format.

7. The images of places and people exhibited on the site are either the direct property of or it has been used with due permission Samartha IVF Center. Access to these images by you or anyone else authorized by you is forbidden until and unless the permission has been specifically mentioned here or anywhere else on the website separately and specifically. Any unofficial or unaccredited use of the same may violate Samartha IVF Center’s trademark laws, the laws of privacy and publicity, copyright laws and other communication regulations.


Security over losses


This site supports security measures to safeguard the loss, modification and misuse of the materials and information under our control. Though, your secretive use of this site cannot be guaranteed and assured by Samartha IVF Center except as mentioned in the privacy policy.

Posted content and materials

You are not permitted to post, publish, upload or submit content to our site and forums which includes-

1 defaming, invading privacy of an individual, content that is not suitable, abusive, obscene, pornographic, dangerous, threatening or frightening

2 Infringing any intellectual property or any other right of an individual or entity including violating anyone’s trademarks or copyrights.

3 Forging or removing writer’s attributions, legal notices or any other proprietary designations or roles

4 Breaching any law

5 Supporting or advocating any illegal activity

6 Intentionally using corrupted files that contains viruses and may be damaging to other systems

7 Soliciting funds, promoting sales of goods or services or advertising directly or indirectly

By posting any type of content or materials on our forums, you instinctively agree to indemnify or compensate Samartha IVF Center from and against any or all third party demands, claims, expenses, liabilities etc. Also, by posting on the same, you grant Samartha IVF Center, a perpetual and unrestricted worldwide license to use, reproduce, alter, publish, create derivative works and share the posted content or mould it into any form, technology or desired medium for any purpose to be used now or later including any type of promotion or advertising, you voluntarily waive all moral rights with respect to the posted content.

Outside Links and Pages


Samartha IVF Center is not responsible for the content of any other off-site pages linked to this site or its privacy practises whether or not they are related Samartha IVF Center as it has not reviewed all of the sites thoroughly. Such sites are meant for your benefit and convenience and accessing them also should be on your take. Samartha IVF Center assures no warranties of the accuracy or functioning of any such links.

Limitations on Samartha IVF Center’s Liability


The materials possessed by the site are solely meant for various educational and promotional purposes. Your access and browsing on this website is completely at your own risk. This website may contain general material, content and information relating to various medical conditions, problems, symptoms and their treatments but such information is available for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute of a doctor’s or any healthcare specialist’s note. You should spare yourself from using information present herein for diagnosing health problems or diseases; rather you should consult with any healthcare professional or a doctor. These may include technical inaccuracies or other errors.

Samartha IVF Center does not assure of the functions mentioned here on to be error free, that the flaws will be corrected or the server or our site are devoid of viruses or other harmful bugs. Neither has it warranted of the correctness, reliability and accuracy regarding the use of the results of the materials available on our site.

Indemnification towards Samartha IVF Center

You are completely and fully liable to indemnify Samartha IVF Center, its officers, shareholders, employees, agents and directors for losses, costs, damages or attorney’s fees whenever needed due to your improper use of materials. Any violation of these terms and conditions done by you including not following limitations, trademark and copyright breach, posting obscene or indecent content or online defamation, will lead to compensatory measures.

Null and Void whenever prohibited


Samartha IVF Center website and its contents and materials are intended to comply with the rules, regulations and laws in India Samartha IVF Center reserves all the rights to limit the provision of products and services to any individual, demographic region and jurisdiction. Also, to limit the quantities or services provided by us.

Apart from this, it shall be deemed that offers produced here are null and void when prohibited. Likewise, any other unauthorized offers produced by a third party on different products or services, can also be void whenever prohibited.

Non-Confidential Information


Samartha IVF Center shall have no obligation of any communication or other contents, information or materials you send either through the internet or publish on the site in the form of questions, suggestions, comments or otherwise, because it is deemed to be non- confidential and non-secretive. Also, it is unrestrained and entirely free for Samartha IVF Center to use any ideas, techniques, concepts or information as per choice contained in such communication for any purpose, whatever, including marketing, developing, manufacturing of products and many more.

User’s Access


Samartha IVF Center may abort your access to at any point of time for any reason known or unknown at its sole circumspection. Though, the provisions regarding warranty disclaimers, information accuracy and indemnification shall sustain such termination.

Intellectual Property Rights


All information, materials and content available on this site is the exclusive property Samartha IVF Center. Starting from the software, images, graphics, audios, videos and software belong solely to Samartha IVF Center. No content is permitted to be reproduced, copied, republished, transmitted, and distributed in any form at any time without pre-written permission from Samartha IVF Center. Unethical and uncertified use of contents appearing on the website may violate trademark, copyright and other applicable laws, which can result in criminal or civil penalties. Samartha IVF Center is a trademark belonging solely Samartha  IVF group. This trademark is forbidden to be used in any form at any time without the prior permission of Samartha IVF Center.


Usage of Materials on this Site


• The website however accessed, does not constitute for sale offers in territories, where it is prevented by patent law or any other drug laws, rules, regulations etc. in force in those territories.

• These terms and conditions shall be governed and interpreted as per the laws in India. Each provision mentioned in the above terms and conditions shall be interpreted in such form as to be effectual and valid under applicable law. But, if any provision is claimed prohibited or invalid under the applicable law, then such provision shall be ineffective to the scope of such debarment or invalidity without invalidating the remaining provisions of these terms.

• If any of the provisions of the mentioned terms and conditions are held to be unlawful or enforceable, then such provisions will be detachable without impacting the enforceability of all the remaining provisions of these terms of use. Samartha IVF Center reserves all the rights to alter, modify or remove materials or content from the site at any time at its preference.

• Samartha IVF Center reserves all the rights to remove or delete published or posted materials from our forums for any reason at any time, and also holds the right to deny any user’s access to our site or forums in its sole discretion without prior notice.

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