Our Philosophy



We have always adopt a success-oriented approach towards infertility. This is very different from the traditional medical approach, so it needs to be described in detail.

Many infertile couples want to know - "What is the diagnosis, doctor? Why am I not getting pregnant?" Or "Why did the IVF cycle not work?" However, we feel this is the wrong question - and if you ask the wrong question, you get the wrong answer! Rather than focusing on what your problem is, you should focus on the solution - which is a baby! This means that the question you should be asking is "What can we do to maximise our chances of getting pregnant?"

Instead of spending time, money and energy on diagnostic testing, it makes more sense to select treatment options which maximise the chances of getting pregnant. You should concentrate on treatment paths and action plans - the next step forward, rather than worry about diagnostic labels.

Fortunately, today with IVF technology, we are better at solving problems for infertile couples rather than diagnosing them. This often means that while we may not be able to explain why embryos did not successfully implant after IVF, the chances of success by repeating the treatment cycle remain excellent.