IVF Refund Program

Our Samartha IVF Refund Programme offers you multiple IVF cycles for a fixed price, significant savings and a % refund if you don’t have a baby.

We have programme options for all patients aged under 40 years old (our IVF Donor Refund Programme is available to patients under 49). The acceptance rate for the Samartha IVF Refund Programme is 90%. We do not ask you to undertake any unnecessary or costly additional testing for any of our programmes.

We offer Two different refund programs :

  • 3 cycle with upto 50% refund*
  • 2 cycle with upto 30% refund*


Accomodation will be provided for Outstation/Faraway patients at nominal cost. Accomodation/Bed is subject to availability. 

With the success rate varying for complicated cases, Our aim is to give you peace of mind that you have a plan in place to help you achieve your dream.

We help patients to take the uncertainty out of IVF. Our refund programmes offer a package of treatment (2 or 3 fresh cycles of IVF and unlimited frozen embryo transfers) as well as a broad range of inclusions, all for a fixed fee. This can help reduce the stress out of treatment and give you the reassurance you have a plan in place.

Please leave a missed call on 8588848656 or you can talk directly with our cousellor on 9768884433 and we can guide you on the details of the plan. You can also leave a message on info@samarthaivf.com and we will get back to you. 

How Refund Programs will help you?

IVF refund programs can significantly alleviate the emotional burden on couples undergoing fertility treatments. These programs typically offer a partial or full refund if the IVF cycle does not result in a successful pregnancy, providing a safety net that can reduce financial stress. Knowing that there is a possibility of a refund can help couples feel more secure and less anxious about the financial risks associated with multiple treatment cycles. This financial reassurance allows couples to focus more on the emotional and physical aspects of the treatment process. Additionally, the support and commitment implied by these programs can foster a sense of hope and positivity, knowing they have multiple opportunities to achieve their dream of parenthood.

IVF refund programs can significantly help couples emotionally by providing a sense of financial security and hope during a challenging journey. These programs offer a money-back guarantee if the IVF treatment does not result in a successful pregnancy, alleviating the stress and anxiety associated with the high costs and uncertain outcomes of fertility treatments. Knowing that they have multiple attempts without the fear of financial ruin can boost the couple’s confidence and emotional resilience. This safety net can allow couples to focus more on the emotional and physical aspects of the treatment, fostering a more positive and supportive experience throughout the IVF process.

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