Egg Donation

Donor Programme

Egg (Oocyte) Donation

Similar to males, when the female partner is unable to produce eggs, this could be due to various reasons like age factor, ovarian failure or Menopause, The couple can seek the services of Egg donors. These eggs are then fertilized by the male partners sperm and then fertilized. Then they are implanted in the womb. Then the natural course of pregnancy takes over.

In this Hormonal Replacement technique is also done for the aspirant Mother to determine whether the womb of the woman is competent for implantation.

Sperm Donation

When a Male partner has very few or no sperms or of very poor quality, they need to take assistance of male donors whose sperms would fuse with eggs of the female partner to form an Embryo. The Embryo would then be implanted in the womb. Similar to Oocyte or Egg donation, this is one of the most Noble Professions.